My Potting Bench - Coffee Table Story

6:35 AM

You may have heard that I opened
my first little booth at

homeroad coffee table

It is a very small space stuffed with projects
made on Homeroad. 

The grand re-opening of 

is this weekend,
the store has been completely transformed into an emporium!

Last weekend I got a call that someone wanted to buy
the potting bench that was in my booth and held my entire display. 

I really hadn't intended on selling it, it was just for display.

homeroad coffee table

But I did what any red blooded shop keeper would do... 
I sold it. 

On my way out the door to re-arrange my booth
I grabbed the coffee table out
of the middle of my living room to replace the potting bench.

I cut it down and turned it into a coffee table. 

It used to have a bottom rack that 
I changed into a pot rack for my kitchen.

homeroad coffee table

Now my coffee table was in my booth and
looking just as good as the potting bench did...

homeroad coffee table

I was just about to wonder how long it would take to sell the coffee
table and wouldn't you know it...

 it sold yesterday right before closing!

Soooo... I grabbed a sewing machine table
that was laying around... and here we go again!

homeroad coffee table

I might need to consider going into the furniture business.

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  1. I agree with you! How fun is that? Glad things are going so well.

  2. Oh my gosh that is just too funny!


  3. hahaha too funny! :)

    yep, I think you might need to look for some larger things to keep on hand to hold your stuff, fill that spot.

    congrats on the sales! so excited for you!

  4. Congrats on your booth! I did the same recently. I say "any sell is a good sell" ;-)

  5. Welcome to "booth life"...its funny how that goes :) So excited for you and your new space!!

  6. As always, great displays and such inspiration!

  7. Congratulation on your sales. My Dad was a salesman by profession, and he used to say, "The time to sell something is when someone wants it". Your booth looks very inviting, and I wish you lots of success.


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