Build a DIY Garden Fence

I've waited a while to share this post because I was hoping to show you how beautiful the garden looks inside this new DIY garden fence. 

garden fence against a white fence

For many years this area was a perennial garden. It pretty much grew wild and free with little maintenance. 

We talked for a long time about turning it into a vegetable garden and now, since we are home so much, we are ready. 

My outdoor building projects began with the potting bench you see in the photo above

It was an easy build and can be custom made to the size you want. 

You can read all about my other projects by following the bold links in this post. 

The materials we needed for this fence project are 

  • pressure treated lumber 
  • deck screws 
  • and wire fencing. 
wooden fence being built in a garden

We began by putting 4x4 posts in each corner of the area we mapped out as the garden. 

Next, we screwed 1x4 boards across the top, bottom, and center of the space. 

You can really use any size boards. In the long stretch in this photo, we ended up adding another 4x4 post to the center of the expanse. 

We did this all the way around the garden leaving a space to add a gate. 

When the fence build was finished we added wire fencing to the inside of the wooden fence. 

The wire will keep out our dog and any bunnies that want to test the vegetables. 

view of the garden from the deck

As you can see, we built the garden fence in the yard using the white vinyl fence as one of the sides. 

We also used 2 old railroad ties that were part of the original garden as two of our bottom boards because they were just too heavy to move.  

The next step was to build a garden gate. 

We did this by laying the boards on the grass and designing a gate determined by the size of the opening we left in the fence. 

The gate was a little tricky and because our corner posts are not set in cement (which in retrospect may have been a good idea). 

When one of the participants in a project is the brains and the other the brawn, there are bound to be a few disagreements about how things should go. 😆

I will be honest here, determining where the hinges should go on the gate and how the gate should open was our greatest challenge in this project. 

Not positive we got it right but it works.

swinging wooden garden gate

We added a latch to the gate and the hard part of this garden build was finished!

At this point you could seal the pressure treated wood or just let it weather. 

We are choosing to let it weather, at least for a while before we decide on a sealer. 

Next, we added round stepping stones to create a path through the garden. 

As soon as the fence was finished I created these DIY garden markers to mark the places I wanted to plant the vegetables. 

Pressure treated lumber garden fence

Now we were ready to plant! 

A quick trip to the garden store and we brought home tomatoes, string beans, spaghetti squash, and cucumbers. 

We also planted a few potatoes, onions, and corn from vegetables that spent too long in the refrigerator. 

Believe it or not, we have knee high corn started from 2 kernels of popcorn! 

It may be a different variety but we shall see!

Update: The corn ended up to be very small but made good decorative ears. 

When we are finished planting we can wash our hands in the DIY garden sink we built next from the same pressure treated lumber! 

garden fence with words

growing tomatoes behind a fence

As you can see our garden is flourishing!! 

We are so excited to see all the vegetables we planted doing so well! 

The plants are almost as tall as I am already! 

I can't wait to have a tomato sandwich this summer with our own home grown tomatoes.

Growing vegetables is new to us and building the fence was a challenge we were up for after building a coffee table for our deck and the potting bench already this summer. 

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garden fence with grapevine wreath

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