DIY French Vegetable Crate

A fun DIY faux french vegetable crate!

wooden crate with napkin and mason jar

I've loved these baskets these for a long time!

I started out with lengths of wood for the sides that came from an old wooden CD holder I found at Goodwill.

wooden crate with chicken wire

I attached wooden shims from Home Depot between the sides.

I lined the wooden crate with chicken wire. 

wooden piece with hinge

I added legs, covered the corners with rusty hinges, and voila!

I had the French Vegetable Crate I've always wanted!

But I have to tell you that there are 2 very important secrets to this project...

wooden crate with mason jar

One was the vinegar and steel wool antiquing I did to the finished crate, and second was the solution that I used to tarnish the shiny chicken wire.

wooden crate with a mason jar

You can read all about those aging techniques by clicking the yellow links above. 

wooden crate with shells

Wooden crate filled with shells

So now I'm loving this Faux French Vegetable Crate! 

wooden crate with pinterest overlay

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collage of wooden crates

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