How to Update Wicker Baskets in Farmhouse Style

I had a couple of wicker suitcases around that needed 
a coat of white paint for a new look...

So on this beautiful sunny morning, I'm up early with my can 
of white spray primer, painting baskets.

They look so much fresher and cleaner now!

One was destined for the living room on top of the wood burner.

I thought it went well with the nautical mantel.

The other one however, needed a number soI cut the number 5 out of a piece of label paper and attached it to the basket with painter's tape. 

I used black craft paint and a sponge stencil brush to gently tap inside the stencil.


And now I'm putting it right back where it was on top of the desk.

 It looks so much nicer now!

A quick fixer-upper for both baskets.

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