Making a Driftwood Crate from a Seaside Find

Usually my treasures come from the side of the road 
but this one comes form the side of the sea.

Knowing how much I love old wood, my youngest daughter came home from the beach the other day with a very weathered piece of redwood that she found on the beach.

She just knew I'd like it! 


And I sure did!

I decided to create a project with the wood so I cut the wood into pieces and screwed them together.

The wood was beautifully weathered!

I added a piece as a bottom and matched the color with paint.

When the box was put together I stenciled on the word "port" and then heavily sanded it to distress the word.

"Port" because it was found by the sea.


I ended up with a simple but beautiful box for flowers that reminds me of my thoughtful youngest daughter. 

She sure knows what her Mom likes!

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