DIY Rolling Kitchen Appliance Storage

I get questions all the time like "Really? You found that on the side of the road?" or "I've gotta start walking in your neighborhood." It's true, I find so many things on the side of the road that I remake into something I can use for my home. Today was the perfect example...

Three wooden boxes

As I was driving down the street near my home on my way to work, I spotted a very large crate filled with cubbies.

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I was late for work so I didn't stop. 

A few houses down I saw brand new hand made wooden boxes. 

It almost looked like someone made the boxes for something and they ended up to be the wrong size so the threw them out.

I passed up both treasures and headed on my way. 

The more I thought about both of them, the more I wanted to turn around... so I did. 

I grabbed them all. More about the cubbies later but now I'll show you what I did with the wooden boxes.

When I got home from work I took a closer look at these boxes, they already had the holes filled and sanded. 

I decided to start by adding castors to the bottom crate

Note however that the spinning type castors that I originally used in this post really need to be the wheels that rolled straight in and straight out. 

After living with this project for a while, I recommend this type of castor.

I was inspired by a roll-out sliding pantry project I did with my daughter for her new apartment.

Wooden box with blue castors

Next, I used wood glue and screws to attach each box on top of the other in a stack of three.

Stacked wooden boxes

I thought this stack of boxes would make a great slide-out storage shelf next to my pantry.

Who couldn't use more storage? 

It was perfect! 

You can read about this antique cupboard-pantry and my pantry organization by visiting the bold links.

Also, check out the rolling pantry I helped my daughter make for her apartment. 

Stacked boxes slid between wall and hutch

This is a tricky area but this rolling shelf is perfect in this corner. 

The pantry actually sits by my back door, it's in a hidden area and won't get in the way. 

If you like that chalkboard in the background, I made it by repurposing an old sign my daughter was donating, you can read the DIY by visiting the bold link.

View of room with hidden storage

The next step was to paint the rolling storage so it would blend in. 

I'd love to tell you the paint color I used but it was a mixture of a few small oops samples from Home Depot. 

They were all a shade of white, I mixed them together so I'd have enough of one color and got to painting.

Stacked wooden boxes painted white

I added a small cup pull to the side of the crates so it could be easily pulled out of the corner. 

I was the lucky recipient of a whole bunch of cabinet hardware one day and I've been using them ever since.

Pewter cup pull

I rolled it right back into the spot and it was the perfect fit.

Painted storage between wall and hutch with cup pull

Hutch with hidden storage next to it.

When the paint was completely dry it was time to fill it with all the little appliances that take up space in my kitchen cabinets.

Stacked crate storage filled with small appliances.

Then I rolled it back into hiding. 

Obviously if you were going to make your own crates for this project you could make them any size you want.

You could even use wooden crates from Michaels. 

Stacked storage slid in between hutch and wall.

roll out storage pin

Makes you wonder why whoever threw out those great wooden boxes didn't think of another use for them? 

I am just glad I turned around and decided to be a few minutes late for work. 

These boxes are perfect and just what I needed for small appliance storage in my kitchen.

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