How to Build a Garden Tote

A garden tote with a screened bottom 
is the perfect carrier for the garden...

box with screen bottom

diy garden tote with string holder

I created a box using reclaimed wood from a broken table. I just love using old discarded pieces and to give them new life as a new project.

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On the bottom of the box I stapled a wire mesh gutter guard bought for pennies at a garage sale, this lets all the dirt from the tools go straight through.

I added a handle to the box then painted it with a mixture red and green paint that created a beautiful brown.

screened bottom tote with paint

When the box was dry I hand painted the word GARDEN onto the side of the tote then distressed the words with sandpaper. You can also use a stencil like this one from Old Sign Stencils! 

garden stencils

A hook on the inside of the handle holds a ball of string and two metal IKEA pails are added to hold garden tools and supplies.

tote with string


tote with stencil and ball of twine

This tote is perfect for gardeners and I recently found out it is called a garden hod. I'm not sure why it has that name though. 

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garden hod with overlay

Dirt from tools or fresh picked flowers and vegetables will just fall through the screened bottom of the tote leaving the mess outside.

screened bottom garden tote with overlay

I'm looking forward to a garden full of flowers 
and vegetables this year!


tote painted brown

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