Creating a Cozy Den in a Small Space

I'm getting my den back!

Creating a Cozy Den in a Small Space

This room was originally the den in our house. 

Before I had too many kids for this small house, I gave up our TV room for a bedroom. 

My children are getting older and beginning to move out and I'm getting back my tiny den. 

Creating a Cozy Den in a Small Space

The walls have just been painted Ballet White by Benjamin Moore. 

It's my favorite color and one I've used in almost every room of my house.

The extra large IKEA closet is going to stay (for now) so I painted it with chalky paint and changed out the handles. 

It will work fine until I find the perfect large vintage cabinet. 

Next will come the love seat, chair, tv stand, coffee table and assorted Homeroad projects. 

I can't wait to finish it!

The biggest problem is... 

what to do with the elephant in the room... 

Hiding the elliptical machine in a small room.

The room is small but the elliptical machine has to stay. 

I honestly am using it!

Want to see how the room turned out? 

Visit here to see the complete transformation!

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  1. Can't wait to see what you do... that elliptical will be a challenge for sure!! Maybe a folding screen that you can fold up when you want to use it and hide it when you aren't?


    1. Tania you are not kidding! Luckily this room is not for entertaining so the family can try to ignore the elliptical... the room came out pretty despite the elephant in the room LOL


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