Extra Large Rustic Serving Tray

Another special order fell into my lap this week.

wooden stenciled tray

I found a tray just like this one on Amazon. Here is my affiliate link at no additional cost to you!

A woman called me with a request. Could I add a coffee stencil to her wooden tray? Sure, not a problem. 

stenciled reclaimed wooden tray

When I went to pick up the tray I had no idea it was such a large, gorgeous tray! 

This tray is about 3' across! 

coffee stencil on reclaimed wooden tray

The stencil from Old Sign Stencils was easy to apply and a quick coat of spray matte sealer finished this job in no time!

Extra large reclaimed wooden tray with stencil

My customer picked up her tray with nothing but rave reviews... 

I have to admit I wanted to keep it! 

wooden tray with stencil

Take a look at the large stenciled tray I made for myself! 

These are the photos from the client's home. She added legs and turned it into a table! Fabulous!!!

reclaimed wood tray table

reclaimed wood tray table
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