Garage Door Renovation or Replacement

You know when you know!

old dented garage door

You know it is time to get a new garage door when it's bringing down the look of the whole house. 

Can it be painted and renovated or should it be replaced? 

This old metal garage door has been on the house for almost 20 years. 

We've replaced the siding and the shutters, gotten a new roof and replaced the windows. 

But the garage door is old, dirty, and dented thanks to one of my daughters thinking D meant reverse. 

Colonial house

The edges have become discolored and moldy.

discolored and moldy garage door trim

The windows were fogged out years ago.

outdated windows and garage door trim

So it was time. 

We hired a fantastic local company called RDC Insulation and Garage Doors

We chose a gorgeous garage door from the Coachman® collection in their catalog and it was installed while I was at work.

New updated garage door

We couldn't be happier with the results! 

This one small change made all the difference in the look of the house.

You can read all about the beautiful blue front door color we used and how we ended up re-planting the beds in the front of the house

Updated garage door

We had them add an electric door opener with a super bright light that was the icing on the cake. 

Thanks to RDC Insulation and Garage Door Company for all their help with this project. They worked quickly and left the place spotless! I recommend them to all our friends and family on Long Island!

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