How to Paint an Area Rug in the Basement

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This project began with a huge problem at my house. 

How to paint a rug on the floor

We had fleas!!!

If you've ever had fleas you will know what I mean. I wanted to burn down my house! I'm happy to say that after more than 2 weeks I'm beginning to get a handle on the problem. 

In the process I had to toss out all the area rugs in the basement including the one in my workshop that covered up the mess I made of the floor. 

Under the rug was this...

messy basement floor and painted area rugs

Not pretty... not that my basement workshop has to be pretty but this was ugly. 

I wanted to repaint the entire basement floor but time and a basement full of "stuff" would make that job very difficult so I decided to just paint an area rug to solve this problem. 

I began by taping out a square on the floor. It didn't need to be perfect, this is an unfinished basement. 

basement floor

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in the same gorgeous color as my front door. I had 1/2 a jar left from that project and it was all I needed because one coat did the trick!

I used a small roller to roll out the paint and yes, I was careful not to paint myself into the corner. 

painted area rug on cement floor

This project is the perfect answer when you can't repaint the whole floor!

area rugs on cement floor

I pulled up the painter's tape before the paint was dry. 

I added decorative fringe with a small brush on 2 sides of the "rug" to give it a little interest and make it look more like an area rug... again, not perfect.  

painting on cement floors

This project was finished in less than an hour with 1/2 a jar of paint. It made an amazing difference in the workshop area. 

The rest of the floor is still not perfect but the new area rug takes your eye away from the imperfections.

Painted area rug on cement floor

Here is my basement workshop now. You can read all about it here.

painted rug on the basement workshop

This project can be done in any color and if you have more motivation than I do you can make patterns, shading, and texture on the carpet or use several colors. 

I'm thrilled with the results and very happy that the flea problem in my basement is finally over! 

This project was so easy I painted a "runner" rug in front of my washer and dryer!

Painted area rug in front of washer and dryer

I felt empowered to replace all the rugs downstairs with painted rugs so there is no stopping me now! 
I even gave this one a little pattern.

concrete painted to look like a rug



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  1. I painted rugs on the subfloor in my kitchen for a temporary fix that I like so much I'm in no hurry to put down new flooring. I used stencils to add medallions on mine. ForWhatItsWorthJeannie

    1. Medallion stencils sounds gorgeous!! If I get up the motivation I might just do that!

  2. Love this idea, Susan! Your painted rugs look fabulous!


    1. Awe thanks Sandi! It was a quick fix that anyone can do in a short time!

  3. Oh ADORE! I have so much stained concrete I'd love to try this out on! The striped carpet is gorgeous!

    I'm featuring this on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects this weekend. Thanks for linking up!


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