Chandelier Bling Ornaments

Remember when I said I'd use that bling from an old light...

DIY tea strainer ornament

Well I did!

I took apart that old ugly lamp and made beauty with it. 

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A new life for the chandelier bling

You'd never guess by looking at those greasy glass crystals that they could have another life. You can buy your own glass crystals here

But they do.

I used what ever wasn't tied down and a little E6000 glue to create beautiful ornaments with plenty of bling. I used Christmas tree hooks at the top of each ornament.

Repurposed Christmas tree ornaments

And that center part that I turned into an earring tree came in very handy for displaying these beauties. 

A pair of old earrings...

Earring Christmas tree ornaments

A glass bell and piece of hardware...

Chandelier bling repurposed Christmas ornaments

A vintage tea strainer, both the top and bottom...

Repurposed tea strainer Christmas tree ornament

Tea strainer top christmas tree ornament

The shade off a burned out set of patio lights...

Christmas ornament bell DIY

Even cookie cutters and you can read about them HERE.

Cookie cutter ornament tree with bling

I'm so glad I saved the bling, I've used it several times already and had a ton!

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  1. So much ingenuity in these projects! Waste not want not isn't wasted on you...excuse my pun.

    1. LOL Thanks Sugar for your kind words... always :)

  2. That chandy has never looked so good... they make everything look like ice! So gorgeous, Susan!

  3. These are amazing, each and every one of them!

    1. Thank you Marie, they are so fun and creative to make :)

  4. Visiting from Funky Junk. Love your junky bling! I make stuff like that and love chandelier crystals, but how on earth did you drill those cookie cutters? I tried and failed. Maybe my drill bit was wrong or blunt, but I gave up. LOL

    1. Hi Most of them were not that hard to do. Maybe the bit I used was better for metal? Not sure which it was. Any that did give me a hard time I used a hammer and nail to make a dent first and then drilled :) Thanks for visiting and good luck with yours!


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