Vintage Ruler Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees are so fun to make!

They can be made in any size but mine are the smaller table top version. 

You can read about more ruler trees I've made in the past here.

I began with a length of scrap wood about 1" by 1/2" wide. 

Using my chop saw I cut the wood to different lengths beginning with 1" all the way up to about 6" for the branches.

Every tree is different because the wood I used for each tree is different. 

I used wood glue to attach ruler tape, printed rulers, and pieces of real vintage rulers to each branch. 

For each tree I added a tree topper. 

One has a glittered piece of metal, another has a glittered vintage wooden stamper, and the third has a piece from a lamp. 

Anything goes... use what you have.

For the base of 2 of the trees I'm using a jar candle lid. I drilled a hole in the top, used E6000 and a screw to attach the tree to the base. 

I am in love with these vintage trees and I know they 
will sell well at the upcoming local craft fair because I've
already had several people message me about them. 

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