Old Paintbrush Memo Holder

I go through a lot of paint brushes in this business!

Old Paintbrush with Memo

Many times I buy these inexpensive chip brushes in bulk.

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That way when I don't feel like washing them I just toss them.  But as a someone who tries to find a new use for everything, that just doesn't make sense!

This time when I left out an old paint brush that I had used for sealer, I took a closer look. 

Old Paintbrush with key and memo

The patina on this brush was really pretty, including the rusted metal part. 

The first thing that came to mind was to make a small memo holder. 

Old Paintbrush with key and memo

So I added a small clip to the top and then a rusty piece to act as a key hook on the bottom. 

hard paintbrush with hook and key

In the clip I hung a small note pad

This was actually a great place to hang an extra key in a small space. 

I added a hanger to the back and hung it up by the workshop door. 

old paintbrush with memo and hook with key

old paintbrush with overlay

Now I even repurposed the paint brush I used to 

repurpose something else! 

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