Decoupaging Flower Pots with Napkins

Here is a new one for me. I've decoupaged with napkins before but I've never tried the Mod Podge specifically made for outdoors... so today I'm giving it a try. 
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I'm using a couple of old terra cotta pots, one was a chippy white and the other original clay, some adorable cocktail napkins and Outdoor Mod Podge

The first step with any napkin decoupage is to separate the napkin layers. 

Most decorative napkins have at least 2 layers, sometimes 3. 

Separating the layers of a napkin

I only found two layers in this napkin but the whole time I was working with it, I'd swear there was another layer that just would not come apart. 

Usually you know you only have one layer if your napkin is very thin and easily adheres to your surface. 

Next, I cut the napkin into strips. 

You can cut it into any shape that works best for your project. 

Smaller squares work well too but with this project, I wanted to keep this pattern in tact. 

Cutting a napkin into strips

The next step was to coat the flower pot with Mod Podge. 

I painted small spots of Mod Podge and then wrapped my napkin around the pot. 

Wrapping napkin in glue around the pot

You will glue the napkin into the Mod Podge and then paint more Mod Podge over the napkin as you go until you have the whole pot covered. 

As you can see I was repurposing an old flower pot and covered up the old paint. 

Upside down decoupaged flower pot

When I was finished I gave the rim of the pot a coat of red craft paint for added color.

Painting a red rim on the flower pot

I let the pots dry for several hours then coated them with Fusion Mineral Paint Clear Tough Coat. 

The outdoor Mod Podge may have been enough protection but I am just making sure and adding a little shine to the pots too. 

Terra cotta pots decoupaged with red tulip napkins

The pots look beautiful decorated with napkins and I'm interested to see how they hold up to the elements.

decoupaged napkin pinterest pin

This was an easy project, the napkin technique can be used on just about anything. 

You can use white glue to do this technique too but you probably want to use it only on indoor projects.


Napkin decoupaged planters with marigolds

I'm hoping the marigolds like their new home as much as I liked making these, it was a lot of fun. 

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Decoupaged terra cotta pots using napkins.


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