Easy DIY Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments

It's Christmas in July to get all you crafters ready for the holiday season! Today I'm showing you how to make an easy Christmas ornament using chalkboard and slate shapes. group of Christmas ornaments made with chalkboard
These little ornaments were fun to make and couldn't be easier! I started out with chalkboard and slate shapes, a heart, rectangles and circles. Some of these shapes were repurposed from found objects and others were purchased at the craft store.
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I began with tiny stencils. I had a small metal Christmas tree stencil I've been hanging onto for years, I'm also using some tiny stencils I purchased on Amazon. You can find them by visiting the bold link.All I had to do was to use white craft paint and a dry stencil brush to easily stencil the design onto the chalkboard or piece of slate. 
hand holding chalkboard with tiny tree stencil 

You can do the stenciling before or after you create the ornament. To make the ornament all I did was to tie a length of jute through the holes in the chalkboard and tie a knot. On the jute I added two wooden beads then made a loop with the jute and tied another knot. I added a pretty bow using ribbon and my ornament was ready for the stencil. 
Stenciled chalkboard ornament with a bow

I attached a Bingo number to the top of the tree for a star. I gave the ornament a quick spray of sealer to protect the image.
Two stenciled tree ornaments

I recently bought a pack of tiny stencils from Amazon, these came in handy for other designs on my ornaments. 

Slate heart shaped Christmas ornament 
I did the same process with the heart as I did with the Christmas tree stencil. This heart is made of slate and can be purchased at the craft store. I made holes in these with a drill. 

Two heart ornaments with stenciled bows

You can add as many beads as you'd like to make the ornament longer or shorter. Colored beads would look great too! This ornament used a round chalkboard blank, only one bead, and stenciled snowflakes. 
chalkboard ornament with stenciled snowflakes 
On the snowflake ornament I sprinkled a tiny bit of very fine glitter over the ornament after I sprayed on the sealer to give it a little bling. 
If you love DIY ornaments I have a ton of tutorials on Homeroad. You can visit them by following the bold link. 
Collection of stenciled chalkboard ornaments
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