American Flag Candle Holders

Every once in a while I repurpose a repurposed project. Today is one of them as I turn the firecracker post I created several years ago into candle holders for the holiday weekend. 
American flag candle holders with lit candles

It all began with a project I made several years ago. 

The firecracker post was easy to make, you can make one by yourself for following this link.

After using the firecracker as a porch decoration for a few years I decided to give it a makeover. 

American flag firecracker post
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The first step was to measure off where I wanted to cut the post. 

I drew a pencil line then used the chop saw to cut the post into three pieces. 

Measuring where the cuts should be

I made sure to cut the three pieces different sizes so the candle stick set would be different heights. 

Post cut into three pieces

I sanded the tops and edges, for a smooth finish. 

Next, I drilled a 1" hole in the center of each block using a 1" paddle bit on my drill. 

I inserted a metal candle cup into each hole using E6000 glue, these will hold the candle in the block securely. 

metal candle cup inserted into top of block

Now all that is left is to add pretty white candle tapers and light them! 

They make a beautiful festive look on the deck for the 4th of July or any time this summer! 

Americana candles with white tapers, lit

Candle holders with white lit candles

This was an easy project and gave a new look to an old summer decoration. 

If you love red, white, and blue American flag projects, you can find more of them by following this link. 

candle holders with white tapers and an orange begonia

There is nothing better than candle light, especially outdoors in the summer! 

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Candle holders painted in red, white, and blue with lit candles


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