How to Stencil a Metal Pumpkin Sign for the Fall

A while back I ruined a potting shed sign I bought from Decor Steals, it was one of my favorites. 

wooden potting bench and potting shed sign
Unfortunately, when we built the wooden potting bench, I left the sign outside. 

It looked great out on the potting bench but the sign was an indoor sign and was made with paper on metal and after a while the paper came off. 

I loved the look and the shape of the sign so I scraped off what was left of the original sign.

metal arched sign

I gave the metal sign a couple coats of off white chalky paint.

white painted metal sign

For the next step I used a combination of several stencils from Old Sign Stencils.
old sign stencil logo

I began by stenciling the top and bottom of the sign with the newest stencil called You Pick Orchard.

I only used a portion of the stencil. 

stenciled you pick stencil on metal sign

In the center of the sign I stenciled the word pumpkin with a very light grey chalky paint. 

This part was from the Pumpkin Spice stencil also from Old Sign Stencils. 

Stenciled pumpkin sign

On top of the word pumpkin, I added a pumpkin, also from Old Sign Stencils, from the Fall Produce collection

pumpkin stenciled sign

The next step was to go over the edges and the curve of the sign with a fine grit sandpaper to give the sign a rustic look. 

Lastly, I sprayed the sign with a matte finished sealer for protection. 

I love the way you can combine different stencils to create the look you want. 

It lets you customize the sign to fit the canvas. 

stenciled pumpkin sign with a buffalo check background

The stencils were the perfect size and shape for this repurposed metal sign. 

I'm so happy I got to save at least a portion of the old sign. 

pumpkin sign on table with concrete pumpkins around

This sign is fun because it can hang on the wall or stand on a table. 

metal pumpkin sign surrounded by pumpkins

The sides of the metal are curved and helps the sign to stand alone or sit on a table. 

I love the way it looks on my outdoor table. 

sign on outdoor table with pumpkins

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stenciled sign laying on table with pumpkins

Old Sign Stencils provided me with the stencil, all opinions are my own. 


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