Vintage Fabric No-Sew Pumpkin

 When I say this fabric pumpkin is easy to make I mean it! You can do this with any type of fabric in no time!

Vintage bark cloth pumpkin

I had this beautiful vintage barkcloth fabric in my fabric collection and I knew it would be perfect for this project. 

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The first thing I did was to cut a piece of vintage fabric about 14" long and 8" wide. 

You can use any kind of fabric for this project.

Top view of fabric pumpkin with overlay

I folded the fabric in half right sides together. 

I used my new awesome discovery of Surebonder fabric hot glue to glue around 3 of the sides. 

Once the glue dried I stuffed the pumpkin with Polyfil and glued the top of the pumpkin closed. 

Barkcloth fabric pumpkin

I used spiral fabric twist pins to screw into the top and bottom of the pumpkin to gather the fabric up into the pumpkin. 

Pumpkin on table with tiered tray

Next, I used a length of hemp string to tie around the twist pins at the top then the around the bottom pins creating the ribs of the pumpkin. 

I left a long length of string on the top to look like tendrils. 

Vintage fabric pumpkin with yellow leaf

Using the hot fabric glue again, I attached a real pumpkin stem to the top of the spiral tack then glued a faux fall leaf to the top. 

That's it... my no-sew pumpkin was finished. 

I hope my directions were easy to follow, it was such a quick project that I didn't take any in process photos this time. 

Vintage fabric pumpkin with Homeroad overlay

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