Easy Stenciled No-Sew Placemat Pillows

 I've seen a lot of placemat pillows lately using placemats from the dollar store. I'm taking that idea and creating a pillow of my own but trying out the fabric hot glue I've been anxious to try.

hot glue gun with fabric glue

I started out with a set of well made fabric placemats that had a whip stitch edging.

Here is a similar set on Amazon.

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muslin placemat

The first thing I did was to stencil a light green wreath in the center of one of the placemats. 

stenciled green wreath

I used a cardboard stencil I purchased on Amazon a while back, I've used it many times already so the fact that it is cardboard was not an issue. 

This one is similar to the one I used

Next, I grabbed a pumpkin stencil from Old Sign Stencils

The pumpkin was from one of the newest stenciled called Fall Produce Graphics. 

You can use regular craft paint for this project or Fusion Mineral Paint which is my favorite paint to work with. 

stenciled pumpkin

These stencils are heavy plastic and will last forever if treated right. This stencil came with 4 graphics.

Check out the whole Old Sign Stencil catalog of stencils HERE.

pumpkin and wreath stencil on a placemat

The pumpkin was the perfect fit inside the wreath! 

This stencil set comes with 4 graphics so I used another placemat and stenciled the pear into the center of another wreath. 

Pear stencil on a placemat

As you can see I shaded the center of the pear by using less paint. 

pear stenciled on a pillow


Now it is time to make the pillow. 

As I said I've been anxious to try this fabric hot glue I've heard so much about. 

It's called Surebonder, they are fabric hot glue sticks that go in the hot glue gun. 

Surebonder fabric hot glue

When I inserted the stick into the gun I was sure to squeeze out all the old hot glue that was inside the gun so I was using only the fabric hot glue. 

I ran the glue along the inside seam of my placemat and attached one end. 

Fabric hot glue on a place mat

I held the placemats together for a minute until the glue cooled and then I did the same on the other 2 sides. 

Using fabric hot glue to glue the seams

Next, I used Poly-fil to fill my pillow. 

Please pin --->> 

wreath stencil on placemat with overlay

I started at the corners and worked my way to the open end. 

filling a pillow with Polyfil.

When I filled the pillow enough I sealed the edge with the fabric hot glue. 

Placemat pillow with pumpkin

I think they came out great! 

Stenciled pear pillow

They were so easy to make and I am thrilled with the fabric hot glue! 

I'll be using that stuff again for sure! 

Living room with pillow on chair

As a matter of fact I can't wait to make something else now! 

Fall pumpkin pillow

Stenciled pear pillow

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stenciled pumpkin pillow and vintage window with wreath



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