Vintage Wooden Crate Planter

A while back I cut apart a wooden crate. 

Truth be told I was out of wood and needed some to make a table riser. The vintage writing on the crate made a great riser! 

I really wanted to do something with the leftover pieces since they were distressed, vintage and had writing... all the things! 

Today I put the pieces together and created a unique planter for my garden.

Take a look ...


crate piece of wood

Like I said, I began with pieces of a broken crate. 

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This is the easy table riser I made with the front and back of the crate. 

wooden crate riser

table riser with pitchers and candle

I love the original graphics and the rustic wood of this old crate. 

wooden crate with words

And now I have the sides of the crate leftover. They have beautiful embossed aluminum edges and corners so they are too good to just toss. 

I decided to glue and nail the two side pieces together and create a planter for my garden. 

crate sides with clamps

The pieces had the handles from the crate so they were an interesting element too. 

wooden crate pieces with aluminum

I added a bottom to my crate using a couple scraps of wood I had laying around. 

wooden crate bottom

I gave the front and back of my new creation with a coat of wax that enriched the wood brightened the design. 

waxing wooden crate front

wooden crate with writing

Lastly, I wrapped a piece of rebar wire around the crate pieces for extra security. The rebar wire will be rusting up beautifully after the first rain.

rebar wire wrapped around crate

All I needed to do was to fill my new crate planter with potting soil and drop in some creeping phlox. Maybe some kind of plant to give it a little height as well. 

crate with phlox

In time, and if it ever stops raining, the phlox will spill over the sides of the crate with beautiful pink flowers. 


I love the look of this rustic planter in my rock garden and it was so easy to put together. 

wooden crate with flowers

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wooden crate planter with overlay

Never toss the pieces, create something new and different with them! 

crate with phlox


crate planter on potting bench

wooden crate planter and planter on a stand

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crate planter with overlay

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