Thrifted Outdoor Deck Decor

My mission this week is to get the deck ready for Spring. 

We've had a couple of beautiful days so I decided to take a thrift store trip to see if there was anything I could get to repurpose for the deck. 

I found a couple of interesting items but one very ugly piece caught my eye. 

It was big enough to use as a plant stand on the deck but definitely needed a makeover! 

Take a look...


outdoor pedestal with animals

This my friends, was what caught my eye at the thrift store...

thrift store candle holder

I thought it had potential but I really wasn't sure for what. 

This very ornate and badly painted candle holder stood about 2' tall. I figured was worth the $5 I was going to spend on it. 

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candle stick with bad paint job

I brought the piece home and the first thing I was thinking was to just give it a pretty color and use it as a candle holder on the deck. 

I brought it out to my paint station, aka garbage can, and gave it a coat of a pretty green spray paint called Oregano.  

green spray paint and green candle holder

I mean, if nothing else it looks better already. 

top view of painted candle stick

When the paint dried I had another idea. 

I needed to add something to the top to make it into a pedestal stand with a larger surface so I added a terra cotta plant dish to the top with E6000 glue. 

terra cotta dish on top of candle holder

I put a planter on top to weigh down the dish while the glue dried. 

pot on top of dish to weigh it down

This made me thing plant stand right away! 

I repainted the top dish and it all came together! 

green plant stand

Now this ugly candle holder has a new life on my deck this Spring. 

green plant stand with frog and bunny

I'm still thinking about what to put on top but for right now I think it's good for just about anything... my solar light frog, a lantern, and as soon as I visit the garden store, even a plant.  

green pedestal stand

It sure came a long way from the thrift store candle holder I found and well worth the $5. 

lantern with solar light frog


pedestal with lantern

That fun vintage seed crate above matches beautifully and is another Homeroad project. 

pedestal with solar lights


While I had the spray paint out I painted a few things on the deck like this mushroom stake that needed a quick makeover. 

garden pot with mushroom

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pedestal with overlay

I hope you'll think about outdoor decor on your next trip to the thrift store! 

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pedestal with a solar lantern


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