DIY Lemon Placemats

Lemons are all the rage so today I'm going to make a lemon project using napkins and thrifted placemats! 

I found these fun lemon napkins at the dollar store and saved them for over a year before finally deciding what to do with them. 

I hope this project inspires you to do something similar with napkins you might find! 

Take a look...


lemon placemats

I began with these lemon napkins I found at Dollar Tree last year. I just looked and they are on the Dollar Tree Website. They have watermelon and oranges too and I used those at a backyard party I hosted. These lemon napkins are similar. 

quartered lemon napkin

The lemons I saved for the perfect project like this one! 

opened lemon napkin

When you open up the napkin you'll discover that it makes a perfect lemon slice circle!

The first thing I did was to remove the top layer of the napkin. 

opening a napkin with tape

This napkin had only 2 layers. I used a piece of painters tape to pull the layers apart and it worked great! 

lemon napkin layers

Just carefully pull off the top layer for this project. 

hyacinth placemat

The placemats I am using today are water hyacinth placemats I found at the thrift store. They were in great shape but did have a side that had a few scratches so were perfect for this project. 

wicker placemat and lemon napkins

I am using Fusion Mineral Paint Decoupage and Transfer Gel but you can also use Elmer's White Glue or Mod Podge. 

decoupage gel on wicker placemat

I painted a circle of the decoupage gel onto the center of the placemat and I carefully placed the top layer of the lemon napkin onto the gel. 

placemat with napkin

I used a stiff brush to pounce all over the top of the napkin so I was sure to get it to stick into all the nooks and crannies of the placemat. 

stiff brush on lemon napkin

At this point you can also carefully add a layer of glue or gel on top of the napkin but be very sure to pounce and not drag the brush so as not to rip the napkin. 

And then I let it dry. 

lemon decoupaged placemat

lemon decoupaged round placemats

I did all 4 placemats the same way. 

lemon placemats

Please pin for later ---->> 

lemon placemat with pitchers pin

When the glue dried I used a spray sealer to seal the napkin and give it even more durability. These placemats are easy to spot clean with a damp rag. 

lemon placemat and sealer


row of lemon placemats

That's it! 

yellow place setting on lemon placemat

These cute lemon placemats are perfect for a summer luncheon. 

wicker lemon placemat and chari


row of lemon placemats with overlay

I hope you'll give this a try on your next thrift store find. 

circle of lemon placemat and yellow bowl

This can be done on any kind of placemat with any shape decorative napkins too!

lemon placemat with plates and flowers

Use all four on a table or just one as a small tray! 

lemon placemat with pitchers


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lemon placemats


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