Rustic Flag Table Riser

I just love everything American flag so every year I try to make at least one flag project. 

If you are not from America, you can make this project with any flag design! 

This one is rustic and uses natural stripes. 

Take a look and don't forget to check out my older flag projects! 

Take a look...


American flag table riser

This project began with an idea to make a table riser with an American flag motif. 

The only wood I had left, that I've been using for several projects lately, are cedar pieces from an old children's planter box. 

rustic reclaimed wood with a broken edge

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The piece I'm using for my project has a small piece of trim molding on each side so it gives the piece a little height. You can adjust your "legs" to be any height. 

edge on back of board

The only problem with this piece is that it had a broken edge. One of the sides was broken all the way across but I decided to use it anyway. I used the electric sander to sand the broken edge smooth and give it a "natural" looking edge. 

natural edge

I taped off the stripes I was going to paint red with 1" wide Frog Tape. In all my years of using painter's tape I have to tell you that using the cheap stuff is always a problem with the paint bleeding under. Frog Tape works perfectly for me every time! 

taped off American flag design

I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Fort York Red. One coat was all I needed. 

red stripes

I peeled off the tape and I had perfect red stripes! 

red American flag stripes

Next, I taped off the area I wanted for the blue field. 

blue field tape

I painted it blue using blue craft paint. 

blue field and tape

I used a hair dryer to dry all the paint because I'm impatient and can't wait for it to dry! 

stripes and blue field

Now it was time for the stars. I used a star stencil and Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk for the star. 

star stencil

I didn't want it too "white" so I used the Raw Silk color. 

stenciled star

Lastly, I painted the back of the riser with a dark grey color just to make it pretty! You can see the edges that work as the "riser". 

back of riser

When the paint was all dry I gave the piece a good sanding to distress the edges and the stripes then a coat of hemp oil to darken and protect the flag. 

sanded and oiled American flag

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Flag riser and overlay

It looks adorable and nobody would ever know the edge of the flag wasn't perfect. 

American flag riser


flag riser on table with plant

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flag riser with salt and pepper shakers

It is perfectly imperfect! 


flag riser down center of table



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