Stenciled Cross Pillow Covers

I'm back at it today using the amazing cross stencil from Old Sign Stencils. 

If you're a fan of the black Swiss cross design that's been trending lately then you're going to love this project! 

A stencil that is simple, graphic and easy to use. 

Take a look...

pillow covers with crosses

I began with the Cross Stencil from Old Sign Stencils. It comes in 3 sizes and I'm choosing the large and the medium sizes for these projects. 

cross stencil

If you missed it I made placemats last week with this stencil and they couldn't be cuter! 

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stencil designs

Today I'm using inexpensive pillow covers in a couple of different sizes and colors. 

linen pillow cover

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Below are just a few places you can purchase inexpensive pillow covers that look great for this project: 

I'm using a stencil brush and the large cross stencil from Old Sign Stencils on a tan linen pillow cover for the first project.  

The first thing I did was to iron the pillow covers flat and insert a piece of brown paper bag inside the pillow cover. This will keep the paint from bleeding through to the back. 

brown paper inside pillow cover

With Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black I stenciled the pattern using just a small amount of paint on my brush. 

stenciling a pillow cover

I used a tapping method to apply the paint inside the crosses then I moved the stencil over so I could add more crosses to my pillow cover. 

I let the paint on the pillow covers dry then ironed over the design using a piece of parchment paper over the design. This will help to seal the paint. 

finished stencling

That's it! 

pillow cover with cross design

All I had to do now was to stuff the covers with pillow inserts

stenciled cross pillow

I had so much fun that I made more pillow covers, two moss green ones for my office. 

moss green stenciled pillow cover

I used two moss green linen pillow covers for this one and the medium cross design stencil. 

paint, brush and pillow cover

I love the colors and they are perfect for my office! 

green cross pillow

I'm pretty sure this color is my favorite!! 

moss green stenciled cross pillow

Lastly, I used the large size stencil once more on a set of small sage green pillow covers.  This one took only 4 crosses in the center of each pillow. 

sage green pillow covers with crosses

The design on this stencil is so easy to work with and I just love the simple graphics! These stencils are very well made and will last forever so you'll be able to use this design again and again! 

cross pillow designs

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cross pillow cover pin

Pillow covers are an easy way to update the pillows in your home without spending a fortune and making your own with an easy to use stencil is fun and easy too! 


linen cross design pillow covers

I made one more little project with this fun stencil before I put it away. I am using a small canvas makeup bag and the medium size stencil to give the bag a little pizazz! 

black cross makeup bag

black cross bag in basket

The possibilities are endless! I'm thinking accent wall next!!!

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chair with sage pillow cover


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