Ceiling Fan Refresh

I'm calling this project a "refresh". 

If you want to make your old ceiling fan look new again without buying a new one then look no further!

I had several ideas including to replace the fan completely but the one I had was a good brand and still had a little life left in it. 

This was easy to do and took no time at all! 

Take a look...


ceiling fan

I started with the ceiling fan that hung in our guest room. 

guest room with ceiling fan

Truth be told this room doesn't house too many guests, mostly me when I escape the snore monster! 

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bedroom with ceiling fan

The fan was here since my youngest daughter had a Make a Wish granted. They kindly gave her a brand new room. My daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and since that post was written there has been an amazing medication called Trikafta that has changed her life and ours. The medication fixes the gene and she now has a long future ahead of her! Thank you God! 

But anyway... that was 13 years ago and the fan is still there.  

Because the fan in this room was a good one and because I spend so much time looking up at it,  I wanted to see what I could do before replacing it. I actually even bought a new one and kept it in the box in case this went very wrong. 

The biggest problem with this fan was the blades. They are made from particle board and have deteriorated over time. The edges of the fan could not be cleaned anymore because the particle board had spread and turned black. That's not just dirt! 

ceiling fan with arrow

I decided to remove the globe and the blades. The globe came off easily but little did I know that the blades were not as easy. 

I Googled how to remove the fan blades and after looking through about 50 different ways for different fan types I finally found the solution. I warn you though, this guy has apparently never cleaned his ceiling fan! 

The blades on my fan had a little clip at the top that you had to push to the left to loosen the blade. Thank you Google! 

I gave the main part of the fan a good cleaning and vacuuming. 

ceiling fan blades

My first thought was to replace the blades with new ones. Unfortunately they don't make the blades I have anymore so that was out. 

Once I removed the blades and cleaned them I sanded the edges. 

sanded edges of ceiling fan blades

To prevent the particle board from spreading again I sprayed the blades with a sealer. 

Next, I brought the blades outside and gave both sides a couple coats of white spray paint. 

painting ceiling fan blades white

Once the blades were dry it was easy (now that I knew how) to pop the blades back into the ceiling fan. 

I can tell you it made all the difference! 

white ceiling fan on ceiling

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ceiling fan blades and overlay

The fan looks brand new now. 

ceiling fan with overlay

I returned the ceiling fan I still had in the box because there was no reason to go through all the trouble of replacing it now.  

And did you know? There is a little switch on the light fixture part of the fan that controls the direction of the blades. Your blades should be set for counterclockwise for the summer and clockwise for the winter! 

ceiling fan with arrows

The moral of the story is: try giving something a refresh before buying something new! You can find almost any part you might need for your old one on Amazon. 

refreshed ceiling fan

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room with ceiling fan refreshed


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