Perfecting Home-made Chalked Paint Recipe

I used 2 tsp. non-sanded grout
a little water
and about a cup of paint

The first time I tried to make this I ended up with lumps... not impossible to deal with but it got me wondering how I could fix the problem...

 I was thinking gravy...
 The trick is to dissolve the grout in a little water first!

And it worked!

I thought I'd try painting some old metal loaf pans I had, 
if it sticks to metal, 
I'm happy...

and it did!

It went on smoothly, sanded easily
and most importantly  
stuck to a smooth surface!

I distressed the edges and got a great chippy edge 
that looks a little like enamelware...

I then gave them a coat of ASCP wax...
No matter what you paint with, 
the wax is worth the $$!


Not sure what I'm going to do with these now, but I'm very happy that the home-made chalked paint  
was a success!

I'll be painting wood with it next...

maybe mount the pans to a piece of distressed wood....???

These mini loaf pans are great for organizing...


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