DIY Window Greenhouse

This morning I'm making a greenhouse 
from an old window...

I'm using reclaimed 4x4 posts found in my yard...

I measured and cut them into a square the size of the window.

A Master Carpenter I'm not, but since this is going into my garden, perfect is not my goal.

I'm holding the corners together with rusty L brackets...
and it worked great.

I leveled the soil and moved the frame into the garden.

I attached the window to the frame with old rusty hinges.

Using a stick I can prop the window open for planting.

I filled the box with soil and it's ready for planting!

I can't wait for this messy little garden to grow!

The plants and flowers will surround this beautiful little greenhouse window!

Looks like I have a lot of work to do on that path too!
Back to work!

Happy Spring!

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