DIY Window Greenhouse

This morning I'm making a greenhouse from an old window... this is an experiment so here goes!

repurposed window in garden

I'm using reclaimed 4x4 posts found in my yard.

I measured and cut them into a square the size of the window.

wooden square frame

A Master Carpenter I'm not but since this is going into my own garden, perfect is not my goal.

I'm holding the corners together with rusty L brackets... and it worked great.

rusty L bracket

I leveled the soil and moved the frame into the garden.

wooden box in garden

I attached the window to the frame with old rusty hinges.

repurposed rusty hinge

Using a stick I can prop the window open for planting.

stick prop for window greenhouse

I just need to fill the box with soil and it will be ready for planting!

greenhouse with soil

I can't wait for this messy little garden to grow!

vintage window greenhouse

The plants and flowers will surround this beautiful little greenhouse window!

window greenhouse in the garden

Looks like I have a lot of work to do on that path too!

Please pin for later --->> 

vintage window in garden with overlay

Better get back to work!


In case you're wondering... this is what the garden looked like in no time! 

garden with perennial flowers

Happy Spring!

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