How to Build a Potting Bench

My goal today was to do something with the 
broken potting table in my yard. 

potting bench with overlay

I wanted to recreate it in a creative and fun way.

It was so wobbly after 10 years outside that I couldn't use it.

My first step was to make the old potting bench more stable with wood strips across the sides and the back. 

I had to put the bottom shelf back on because it rotted off years ago.

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repairing pieces on an old potting table

I added old castors from my workshop to the bottom of each leg.

castors on the bottom of the legs

The original drawer bottom was gone so I screwed the drawer together and added a new bottom.

cut board to fit in drawer

I had an old gate in the yard that I trimmed to the size of the table and attached to the top using a lot of supports and L brackets!

picket fence piece on back of table

Next came the paint, a watered down white wash. 

When that dried, all the flat surfaces got a coat of Poly.  

I added a "Le Jardin" sign to the front and an old window to one side.

potting bench painted white

I added a galvanized bin on the other side.

galvanized seed holder

I had fun adding all kinds of funky hinges, hooks and knobs to hang the tools.

picket fence with hooks and knobs

I added slate tiles to create a work surface on the top.

slate tile top

Then the new drawer got a pretty toile liner.

drawer with toile liner

I found the original tray for the little hidden soil holder under the lid.

green tub for soil in top of bench

This old potting bench never looked so good!

Recently I made another potting bench with pressure treated lumber. 

And an indoor potting bench with copper accents

white potting bench with planters and hanging accessiories

white potting table with accessories

Any way you like your potting bench, I am very ready for planting this year!

Materials used: 

pieces of old fence

an old table



1x8 board for shelving

1x3 boards for shelving and supports


white paint

Polycrylic sealer

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. how cute is that! LOVE the convience of everything on it.

  2. Come to Ohio and build me one, Susan! : ) I want a potting bench type table for my sunroom and I'm thinking I may have to go the "build it" route.

  3. I love this. It's so cute. I'm aching to have one of these in my backyard.

  4. Fabulous! and on wheels too, I love wheels :) Great job Susan!

  5. Susan, I *love* this! I love anything on wheels, you know--but I think my favorite part are the fun "bits" you added for hanging things! Very clever and cool.

  6. You are so creative!! That is a fabulous redo of your potting bench. The pieces and parts you added were pure genius!! I love it!

  7. I love it, I will have to bookmark this the for the next potting bench I build! Love it.

  8. Wow! this is wonderful :) Great job!!

  9. What an awesome make-over Susan! I love it!!

  10. That truly looks like the perfect potting bench! I love the Jardin sign and the galvanized pieces. I'm sure you'll get a lot of use out if now that the weather is getting better and better!


  11. Oh Susan, I love this renovation. The use of the gate fence, the white wash, the jardin sign and all of the little details make it a unique outdoor piece of furniture.

  12. susan i LOVE this! so cute! i love all the hooks and the fresh paint!

  13. I love it! Wish I had one! Come and follow me back! Joann

  14. That is great! I LOVE your blog!

  15. Great potting bench!!
    I'm a new follower, Mary Alice

  16. Love it! Your funky handles for hanging tools on is great. I have an old swing that I'm wanting to turn into a potting bench. Do you really find them useful or are they mainly for looks?

    1. If you garden you will use it, it's a great place to get dirty. The soil, pots and tools are all in one place. When you aren't using it as a potting bench you can use it for a table or bar for entertaining (the hooks will make a great place to hang the wine opener!)
      Mine is right on the deck! Very handy!

  17. A fabulous redo! Love the backing you added and all of your little details, especially the galvanized addition on the side. Happy Spring!

  18. Well this puts the thing I pot on to shame! My fav..... the galvanized bins. Ok, I like the window too. The sign on the front as well. And the gizmo's and gadgets for hangers, awesome. Yeah, you made a winner. Homerun, not homeroad!


  19. WOW! You really resurrected that table. Super sweet! All the galvanized stuff is awesome too... Now get digging!

  20. That is fantastic garden bench! I love it. My hubby and I keep talking about building one, but we get so wet and rainy here in Oregon, I fear it wold only last a season or two before it was dust. LOL. Yours is awesome!!

  21. Love it! It is so cute...great job!

  22. I love this! It makes me wish I had an old potting bench to fix up!

  23. WOW - fabulous job!! Love the galvanized bucket bit!! :)

  24. Oh wow... this is completely amazing! It doesn't even LOOK like you used salvaged pieces! Truly an amazing build.

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 129. :)


  25. Love all the parts and pieces of this--just fantastic!

  26. Hi! Found this on pinterest and I love what you did. Great reuse! You have inspired me to work on updating my potting bench too. Thanks!

  27. That is spectacular! Thanks for sharing it. I may just have to steal some of your tips. Pinning it today :)

  28. Thant is fantastic. I have always wanted a potting bench...and your is gorgeous!

  29. What a beautiful job! Function + beautiful! Love it!

  30. I found your post over on Home Talk. I'm a new follower there and now gfc too. I adore this bench. So smart.

  31. Wonderful & FUNctional Bench! May I buy it? ;)

  32. New the potting bench......I just got a potting shed and started to just gave me some ideas...will blog about mine this weekend....Christine from


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