Re-purposing a China Cabinet

Picture if you will a shiny tiger mahogany china cabinet that ended up by default in my home.

Problem was, it just wasn't my style. I stared at it for a year or so in my living room, always saying "I really need to do something to that piece."

Today was the day so the first thing I did was remove the glass doors.  I lived with it like that for a while but

it still wasn't right.

Next I removed the whole top piece and turned it into a desk.

I sat the top of the hutch on top of a an old door. One side was supported with a saw horse and the other with an antique wooden file cabinet.

I filled the center space with a cork board.

Now I still had the rest of the hutch to deal with... and I finally was ready to get busy!

Here's a little sample of what the before looked like:

Come back and see just how awesome this one turned out!

Check out the rest of the steps HERE and HERE!

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