Wedding ~ Seating Tag Frame

My daughter's wedding is one month from today so for this week at least my mind will be on wedding projects.

My daughter had her eye on a frame she saw on Pinterest.

She wanted it for the seating tags at her wedding.

Together we made a table top version that will be just perfect.

We drew out a design and ran to Home Depot for wood, screws, L-brackets and jute.

Sorry the pictures are kind of bad and so was the lighting!

She measured, I cut, she held and I drilled and screwed.

 We had some great laughs, especially when her fiance called and she explained that she was in the basement with her Mother and power tools while her Father was upstairs cooking dinner.

LOL! Around here, that's how we roll.

A quick coat of stain came next...

and then we drilled holes into the wooden sides, we ran jute from side to side to make a "clothes line" to hold the seating tags.

It turned out just as we had hoped!

We added one more cross piece to the bottom to keep it square.

The next step will be their names hand-painted on the 
top piece of wood.

Something like this maybe.

The guests names are on the front and the 
table numbers on the back.

A great mother-daughter project for her DIY wedding!

I wonder what we can use this for when the wedding is over?? Any ideas?

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. That is brilliant. I love your workshop.

  2. I love It - such a wonderful idea.

  3. So cute. I bet you could use it for Birthday cards and maybe little birthday things to match the party.

  4. Great mother daughter team. I'm thinking it might be a good thing that I didn't blog when my daughter got married. I would have wanted to make everything I saw. But OHHH the new ideas I could of had.


    (One month is going to fly by!)

  5. Very cute! A tabletop photo display, maybe?

  6. Can't wait to see all the tags hanging in there. Lovely!

    Hopping by and followed your lovely blog.

    Also inviting you to join our meatless recipe blog hop/showcase at You are also very welcome to add your blog here:

    Hope to see ya there! Have a great day:)

    The Quiet Mom at

  7. What a wonderful mother/daughter project! I Love how it turned out.
    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. I love seeing your projects and thanks for all the "in progress" photos. You will have to let me know your source for tags. I am looking for some like that. I have a "Kasey" too.

  9. OH my gosh Susan!!!! That is sooooooo fabulous!!! I love they idea!!! Keep up the fab work...can't wait to see some other wedding diy much fun!!!

  10. Great idea, Susan, and how wonderful that you were able to do it together!

  11. I love this idea. So cute. I found you through the blog hop. I am now following your cute blog:>

    Stop by and say hi:>

  12. What a great post, Susan! I love it! You have such an exciting month ahead of you! Looking forward to seeing some great posts as you get ready for the big event.

    I think I'd use the frame in my workroom - as a place to clip inspiration pictures.

  13. Love that you're doing the wedding together and making things....what fun!!!! Thanks for stopping over at my humble little blog :) and for the kind comments. I say this little number could do lots of things---photos, jewelry, antique christmas's a very nice piece!

  14. Love it! a few ideas for what to use it for after..#1 countdown calendar, #2, a Christmas card holder. #3, a photo holder

  15. You could use it at the wedding with extra tags and have the guests write little messages to the couple on them and hang them back up!


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