Happy Mother's Day

6:21 AM

A special project for my 

I love hydrangeas, so does my Mom...
Instead of just a plant I wanted to make 
her a special planter too.

I purchased this box at the thrift store, it had a lot of potential....
I especially loved the black iron handle...

I think of the thrift store first because I know I will
find something that I can make into a one of a kind piece, save money, 
and at the same time, save it from a landfill...

I painted this box Old White with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,.

then I stenciled on a stencil that Mel from Junkin' Junky
 sent to me just because she is nice.

She sent me 3 stencils... Sage, Thyme and Parsley.
Stop by and see her awesome rustic herb crates...

I hope to put all the stencils to a good use soon.

I didn't use the whole stencil this time, 
I thought the Scarborough Seed Company part 
was perfect for this project...

As you can see this project makes a great 
planter for the hydrangea and a perfect gift for the 
perfect Mother...

Happy Mother's Day!

I love you Mom!

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  1. That looks wonderful, Susan! It was such a non-descript looking box before and you turned it into something your Mom can use every day. Love the stencil!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What a beautiful gift for your Mother and that was quite the find at the Thrift Store too. Great project and sounds like you have a great Mom to give it too. Happy Mother's day to you both.

  3. What an awesome transformation Susan. I Love the stencil!


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