Creating an Imperfect Flag Tray

This patriotic project started out well,
with a tray, an idea and some paint...

This bead board tray was perfect for the flag project I had in mind.

The spacing was great, the finish was great, and the large size was great too.

I painted the stripes and then the blue field,
everything was perfect...

american flag tray DIY

I was thinking about how I was going to do the stars when my husband, who normally isn't very crafty, had a great idea.

I should make a star stencil with 10 stars in a row since there are 5 rows in the blue field... Wow Jim!  

Great idea!!!

So I did...

star stencils for an american flag

I used Shrinky Dink plastic and cut it the width of the stripes on the tray.

I used a star hole punch to make a star every 1/2", that's 10.

flag tray with DIY star stencil

Using spray adhesive and a stencil brush I stenciled a row, then moved on to the next until I had all 50 beautiful stars.

american flag tray with DIY star stencil

Perfect right?

DIY american flag tray

Yes, until I put on the Polycrylic finish to protect it.

The red came out fine, the white came out fine, the stars came out fine, but the blue....

it came off, it just slid when I brushed on the Polycrylic!

The funny thing is that the stars stayed put.

I don't know why... 
It was dry and it had 2 coats just like the other colors...

Blue paint treatment on Flag tray

What should I do? Start again? 

I decided that it was fine just the way it was and if anyone 
asked I would just say I meant for it to look like this.

Artistic and Rustic right?

American Flag tray for Memorial day and Fourth of July

American Flag tray DIY tutorial

So here's to all the imperfectly perfect projects!
Some of them were just meant to be that way...

After all, nobody's perfect.

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