How to Make a Free Garden Bench

Here is how I made a free bench for my garden.

Bench in pea gravel garden

Using leftover futon wood from the Farmhouse Bench project, plus 2 oak posts I found while walking one night.

Found futon wood

I created another bench, this time it is for the space out by the fire pit.

I started with the futon wood, it was all pretty much cut 
to the size I needed for a 6 foot bench. 

I added additional slats in between the existing ones 
to create the top and the sides, then cut the post legs to 15", a good size for a lower bench.

Unfinished long outdoor bench

I changed the color of the raw wood by painting the whole thing with a vinegar and steel wool concoction that
I keep fermenting in the garage.

Garden bench with stain

It creates a great old, aged color!

Garden bench with pillow

And here's the free garden bench!

stained garden bench in pea gravel garden

Outdoor bench with pillows in a pea gravel garden

And a big thanks to all my neighbors for the side-of-the-road finds, you have no idea what you are throwing out! 

Futon wood
vinegar/steel wool solution

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