I'm On The Chew on ABC

I told you the other day that I might be on ABC's
The Chew today....

Well I was!

If you watch today, Friday, May 18th at 1:00 EST.

You will see me! (and ok a few other people too!)  

I'm the nervous one with the bright green sweater and 

Here it is on the monitor...

This is the set of The Chew... it's much smaller than it looks on TV.

iphone pics

This is the audience looking out from the green room, which who knew... is not green!

Four crafters did a segment for the show where we showed our projects and had to explain how we would use it for a party. 

This was a big surprise at the last minute...

A party? 
My jewelry frame for a party?
Thanks for putting me on the spot!

Well I thought quickly on my feet and told them that it could be used to hang pictures of the guest of honor 
(with aged clothespins of course)... 


If you had a larger frame you could use it for name tags like I did for my daughter's wedding.... and luckily I had a picture of that with me!

One crafter was chosen as the "winner" (though we were all winners) 
to do a 2 minute segment showing how to make their project. 

It wasn't me...

Good thing because I don't think I could have re-made my 

project in 2 minutes... But hey... I got my face on national TV!

The woman that was chosen stamped tile coasters...

I loved her coasters but the best part was that 
Michael Symon autographed his and gave it to me!

Bon Jovi had a segment today too, unfortunately,  they did his on location in New Jersey.... bummer!

The Chew Crew was Great!

Carla Hall was lovely... she couldn't be nicer! 

Here she is with me and my friend Laura...
(or my Agent as I referred to her all day)

Daphne Oz is beautiful and Mario Batali is a hoot!

But the real treat was meeting Clinton Kelly.

I'm a huge fan of What Not to Wear!

Clinton couldn't be nicer and even offered to have 
me back to do a craft segment over the summer!
(I just happen to be available!)

It was a very fun day and I can't wait 
to see the show myself tomorrow!

Thanks Chew Crew!

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