Funky Sea Glass Crate

9:18 PM

There's nothing else to call this crate besides Funky...

The "box" is a drawer from an IKEA organizer...

The sides are from the back of a chair... 
that's why they don't match each other, 
they were once one long piece.

The handle is from a lamp table I found in front of my neighbor's house.... 
Remember the garden sign and the bun footed table tray...

Well there was still a pole left over...
I've just gotta re-purpose till there ain't nothin' left!

The whole box was stained with a vinegar/steel woolsolution because it evens out the colors and makes all the pieces match.

A little later however, I decided to paint the crate with Martha Stewart Sea Glass Paint...
I added a tsp. of un-sanded grout and water
to make chalk paint...

A better name for this color might be mason jar... Look at that color!

Pretty Funky!
Available for sale on my
Etsy shop!


TDC Before and After           

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  1. Love the style AND the color Susan! It's a very pretty crate.


  2. Great repurposing of all those parts and it looks wonderful! Can I ask if you get the same kind of one-coat coverage from the homemade paint that I've heard others get from Annie Sloan chalk paint? I've been dying to try her paint, but if homemade works as well, I'll give that a try first.

    Thanks & Blessings,

  3. Love it!! And I love the mason jar color of it too...So pretty!!

  4. How fun - never would have guessed you pieced that baby together like that! Love it's new paint color too.

    FYI - when you commented on my blog, I clicked on the link under your name (not the one you left in the actual comment) and it took me to your old WP blog and did not redirect me here.

    Hope you had a great Labor Day!

  5. Simply adore that paint colour!! Love the look of this, great job Susan!

  6. I'm in love with that color right now.. gorgeous! How clever of you to make chalk paint with grout and water too!


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