DIY Slide Out Pantry

8:23:00 PM

It's Pinterest to the rescue once again as my newlywed 
daughter and her handsome husband searched storage 
for their new apartment...

The problem with living in a small apartment is that there is little or no cabinet space. 
Shortly after moving in, they realized that they
needed a solution to the kitchen storage problem....

The inspiration for this project came from 
Classy Clutter 
(Please visit there for complete directions and supplies)
(I'm now a happy follower!)

My daughter and her husband quickly got to work buying the wood, dowels, and castors needed for the project...

Using the directions and specs from Classy Clutter, they got to work making one the right size for their space.

A quick coat of paint...

and this Pinterest DIY project is a wrap!

Awesome job you guys! 
You make me proud!

*This would make a great plate rack too!


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  1. Susan it's proof the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I hope someday I can post things like this of my kids, even now my oldest at 8 tries to replicate projects and pictures. They truly pick up on everything we do as parents (good & bad!) so you taught her well.

  2. I was able to do this with a tall bookcase that was on sale for only $30. Reinforced the back etc., but it made a great pull-out pantry. This one looks great, too!

  3. Too cool!! Fun to see you passed on the DIY gene :)

  4. So your daughter takes after you. Awesome! Such a great idea.

  5. yep, she's her mother's daughter! They did a fabulous job with this project. It really adds the amount of storage for apartment dwellers!
    thanks for sharing Susan, catching you!

  6. wow,, I love that and they did a great job.

  7. I have seen this on pinterest and I was really thinking that would be perfect for my spices, that would free up so much cabinet space. Thanks for sharing, you did a great job.

  8. Thanks for linking to my instructions! Theirs turned out wonderfully! It really is so helpful!

    XO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter


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