Wine Cork Trivet

6:20 AM

Finally a use for all these corks!....

Here is my copy-cat of a Pinterest idea
because I thought it was such 
an awesome, easy idea and I needed to share...

I started with a bunch of old corks... 

and an extra large pipe clamp...

I filled the circle with corks and then screwed the clamp closed really tightly...

And it is a very cool place for a hot pot!

I saw this on Pinterest, 
 but unfortunately the link didn't work so I don't have a source...

Thanks for the inspiration!


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  1. This is really cool! I have some in my drawer but probably need some more - yey! CHEERS!

  2. well, isn't that clever! where'd ya get all those corks?
    I don't have a single one. lol


  3. This is such a great idea!! Hmmm...I have a stash of cork too??

  4. Very cool! I don't drink, so I don't have any I will have to chat to my acquintances. They will have to save all those corks from now on:)

    Love this!

  5. so clever.. and looks great with or without the hot pot. Now where do I get some corks??

  6. Great idea. Good for a live plant to sit on, too.

  7. Great idea. My SIL has been asking me what to do with all the corks she's collected. Now I can give her a useful and pretty suggestion.


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