How to Make Recycled Wine Cork Pumpkins

A while back I made a fun project using a whole bunch of wine corks I had been saving. The project was a wine cork trivet but as some projects go, it sat around for a while and I repurposed it. 
How to Make Wine Cork Pumpkins

I turned it into a pumpkin for the Fall and I could have sold it about 100 times! You can read all about it by following the bold links. 
How to Make DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins

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So recently when I came across a wine cork pumpkin DIY put out by Country Living I couldn't wait to make some more. I just happened to have a giant basket of corks in my workshop, I swear I didn't drink all that wine, I have friends. 
How to Make Repurposed DIY Wine Cork Pumpkins

I began by attaching corks using a cordless hot glue gun. I made a row of 4 corks, then a row of 5, then a row of 6, then back down to 4 again. 
How to Make Repurposed Wine Cork Pumpkins

On the top I drilled a hole using a paddle drill bit the same diameter as a wine cork. I dropped in a bit of hot glue and created a stem which was another cork.  
How to Make Repurposed Wine Cork Pumpkins for the Fall

I had a LOT of corks so I made several pumpkins in a variety of sizes. 
Make Repurposed Wine Cork Pumpkins for the Fall

Make Repurposed Wine Cork Pumpkins DIY for the Fall

Make Recycled Wine Cork Pumpkins DIY for the Fall

In the past when I made the trivet pumpkin, I painted all the corks on one side orange. This time following my inspiration, I painted only a random few on each pumpkin with orange and amber colored paint. One pumpkin I just painted orange. 
Make Recycled Painted Wine Cork Pumpkins DIY for the Fall

Next, I decorated the pumpkins by adding burlap ribbon around the stems, green wide ribbon that looks like leaves, tendrils made from old springs, and assorted leaves and berries.
Make DIY Recycled Painted Wine Cork Pumpkins for the Fall

wine cork pumpkins using recycled corks

These pumpkins are just adorable!
Repurposed Wine cork pumpkins

Inspired by an old wine cork trivet project, I took my cork pumpkins to another level by decorating them with fun and interesting found pieces. 
Recycled Wine Cork Pumpkins for Fall

I better get busy drinking more wine so I'll have plenty of corks for my next wine cork project! 
DIY Recycled Wine Cork Pumpkins for Fall

Even if you're not a big drinker, take a look at a few more cork projects by Homeroad! 

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  1. I love the way you managed to take something as simple as a wine cork and turn it into these beauties Susan. They're so different

  2. Awww, these pumpkins are cute! I have a cork board I need to reglue the corks back on. It suffered a bit in the move and sitting in storage for 3 1/2 years. Still love it! :)

    Enjoy your cute pumpkins,
    Barb :)

  3. These are totally adorable, Susan...but wait, what?! There's a cordless glue gun?? I need one immediately...


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