Grain Sack Wall Hanging and Printable

6:17 AM

A while back I found a vintage grain sack at an estate sale...

I used it as a pillow cover for a long time, 
not knowing quite what to do with it...

(you can check out that awesome ladder shelving here)

then I had an idea...

I built a frame using leftover wood

cut the bag open down the center of the back, 
then stapled the grain sack around the frame.

It is perfect now to display at the corner of my mantel.

Being an "East Coast Girl" myself, 
I love the wordage on the sack!

Here is a free printable if you
would like to use this image to transfer to your own project.

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  1. I love this ingenious idea! And thanks for sharing the image, can't wait to figure out a way to use it!

  2. Of course I'm instantly in love with anything with writing on it.

  3. Great idea!!! It's perfect, now to find a grain sack!

  4. Love this idea! Why did I have to sell those flour sacks? Thanks for sharing.


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