Vintage Bingo Card Banner

I love vintage games so when I found these Bingo 
cards I knew they would be great for something.

Vintage Bingo Card Banner

Punching holes in the corners and stringing the cards onto a length of jute is all these Bingo cards needed to make a gorgeous banner.

I'm thinking if you cut into heart shapes with red ribbons it might be fun for Valentine's Day too.

Vintage Bingo Card Banner.

For this one I added rag ribbons in between each card.

DIY Vintage Bingo Card Banner

and it is now an interesting and graphic addition to an old door I had hanging around.

Vintage DIY Bingo Card Banner.

Add painted or sketched hearts to each card for a gorgeous Vintage Valentine's Day Bingo garland!

Vintage Valentine DIY Bingo Card Banner.

How about you? 

Do you ever find vintage games that
remind you of your childhood?


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