DIY String Holders

6:00:00 AM

Repurposing items that would be thrown away 
is simple & one of my favorite thing to do.

DIY String Holder

It not only saves the Earth but is fun to create with cast-offs.

Today I'm recycling a jar left over from a holiday candle.

DIY String Holder

I cleaned out the inside by sticking the jar in the freezer for a while so the leftover candle got hard. 

It was easy to chip the wax out of the jar when it was frozen.

Next, I drilled a hole into the top of the jar and dropped in the ball of string.

DIY String Holder

DIY String Holder

It was free and it works great!

DIY String Holder

Check out some other string holders I've created in the past.

DIY String Holder

DIY String Holder

You can never have too many places to store string!

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