Vintage Inspried Kitchen Paper Roll

6:00 AM

paper roll grocery list

A list for groceries is a must in any kitchen.

Why not create one that has style and charm?
This paper roll grocery list has both...

Using pieces I had from a broken children's table top
paper center, I recreated the piece to fit the look of a 
farmhouse kitchen.

paper roll grocery list

The paper roll began life looking like this...

In order to hang it on the wall I had to make 
some changes. I began by pulling off the 2 sides, turning them around, and reattaching them so that the the openings for the dowel were on top. 

After I did this I drilled a hole through the dowel to fit pegs
which will keep the paper roll from moving around on the dowel.

kitchen paper roll grocery list

I added a board to the back of the original piece to make it longer.

I made a frame that created a 'window' for 
the paper using reclaimed trim molding.

paper roll grocery list

Stacked washers on the screws between the wood layers 
make a gap that lets the paper pull easily under the trim molding.

paper roll grocery list

I added D-rings to the top so the paper roll hangs on the wall.

The whole memo board got a coat of French Linen
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It was then distressed, vinyl lettering was added, then it got a coat of dark wax. 

paper roll grocery list

A vintage inspired paper roll- grocery list 
that will look great in any farmhouse kitchen!

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