Friday, April 11, 2014

FAMILY Photo Display Using Metal Hang Tags

Metal tags from Michael's dollar section worked
fabulously to label this unique photo display with clips...

metal hang tag stenciled FAMILY photo display

The metal letters are attached to the 
board using screws and washers.

metal hang tag stenciled FAMILY photo display

The clips that hold the photos were from a large accordion hanger that had about 50 metal clips attached to it. It was originally used in the laundry area to hang small items of clothing for drying. 

When I found it in the thrift store I must have gasped out loud...
I knew these clips would be good for something!

metal hang tag stenciled FAMILY photo display

This sign is the perfect place to give 
family photos a place of importance.

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  1. Love this project Susan. I don't shop Michael's enough... too far from me. So, of course I hadn't seen these tags. You did a great job using them for this photo display piece.


    1. Thanks Gail! I actually got the tags last year but I saw them there again just recently.

  2. How NEAT!! What a great use for those clips too :) your so inventive!

    Have a super wekend!


    1. Thanks so much Sherri! Have a great weekend too!

  3. Note to self: Drive across town to Michael's for metal tags. Hang around thrift stores in search of large accordion hanger with metal clips attached. Kudos, Susan!



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