Push Broom Desk Organizer

A push broom enhanced with rustic charm.

organizer made with an old push broom

I love organizers and I love texture so it only made
sense to combine the two. 

push broom pencil and paint brush organizer

A push broom with no handle gets a new life as a desk organizer. 

Don't worry, this was a new one... just looks old! 

You can use an old one too, just wash it well!

Office organizer from an old push broom

I cut the broom in half then built a well fitted box for the broom. 

Push broom pencil holder and office organizer

I painted, sanded, distressed, waxed the box, then added a little metal bling.

DIY push broom office pencil holder

Turns out it is the perfect textured, rustic place to keep pencils, scissors, and paint brushes for the desk.

push broom organizers for the office

Good Housekeeping loved it too and 
you can read all about it by following this bold link!

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