A Rack to Organize Tags, Cards & Printables

You may never look at one of these thrift store
photo displays the same again...

The premise was good... a simple, wire rack that holds photos. 

Problem is... it wasn't that cute.

I mean it was cute for a little girls room but not for what I had in mind.

I began by pulling off all the wire dragonflies and flowers that adorned this wired wonder.

It wasn't as easy as it sounds but when I was finished I was left with just a wire frame with squiggles to hold cards.

I gave it a coat of hammered steel spray paint which was much better than the badly painted white. I'm adding my affiliate links to some of the products I've used, follow the bold links.

I was left with a simple rack that would work great for what I was going to do next...

Fill it up... 

Clips, rings, and safety pins hold small stacks of tags and small printables I've been collecting. 

The squiggles hold cards, and decorative clothespins clip more to the wire.

This is now a great little craft room organizer for all those little tags and cards that need to be kept at arms reach.

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