White Chicken Wire Cloche

A DIY chicken wire cloche is easy to make
and a gorgeous Spring decorating must have.

chicken wire cloche with a tag

Plain old chicken wire never looked so good!


DIY chicken wire cloche with nest

I began by measuring a length of chicken wire that would wrap around this extra large jar.

chicken wire wrapped around glass jar

I wrapped it around then folded over the wires to hold it together along the seam.  

The jar was just a big pickle jar I was using to mold the chicken wire. 

You can use anything you can find depending on the cloche size you need. 

At the top I cut and molded the wire to fit around the top of the jar.

Using extra wire I "sewed" a circle to hold the chicken wire together at the top.

This wire was actually the wire that came wrapped around the chicken wire roll. 

The bottom of the chicken wire

At the top where the circle is I inserted a wooden knob and used wire wrapped around to secure the knob.

Wooden knob added to the top of the wire

I spray painted the whole cloche and knob, inside and out using a white spray paint.

chicken wire cloche with a tag with nest

No. 3 tag on top of cloche

Nest with eggs on burlap covered with chicken wire

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Chicken wire over glass on pedestal dish

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