Create Your Own Milk and Cream Pillows

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While my Milk and Cream Stencil was out
I decided to keep the paint wet and create another project with this great stencil.

Create Your Own Milk and Cream Pillows with a stencil and paint
Angie from Knick of Time created this beautiful stencil. 

Not only did I use it on the Rustic Tray I just made but I decided to give it a try on fabric for a beautiful farmhouse pillow cover. I have included my Amazon affiliate links so you can try this at home. Click on the bold words to take you where you can purchase the item.

I will admit, I didn't make these pillow covers, it was easier to buy them. They had zippers and were the perfect size and color. 

Using this short-cut made the project quick and easy. 

Create your own Milk and cream pillows using paint, stencil and a store bought pillow cover.

Step one was to iron the pillow cover.  

I used cardboard inside the pillow so paint wouldn't leak through the layers. 

I sprayed spray adhesive to the back of my stencil to prevent paint leakage then using a foam pouncer, dabbed on the paint with light coats. 

I used Fusion Mineral Paint for this project and yes it is washable. 

Knick of Time stencil for stenciling on a pre-made cotton pillow cover.

I draped the pillow covers over the drying rack to dry. This very cool tobacco drying rack came from the Country Living Fair in Rhinebeck, NY one year.... now that's a fun road trip!

Creating farmhouse Milk and Cream pillow covers using pre-made pillow covers

All that is left to do now is to stuff the pillow cover!

Stenciled Milk and Cream farmhouse pillow covers.

Easy and beautiful!

Create your own Milk and Cream Pillows using stencils and pre-made pillow covers.

Want to give it a try yourself? Visit Knick of Time for the Milk and Cream stencil and here are my affiliate links for supplies like mine...


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  1. Your pillows turned out beautiful, Susan and it's the perfect easy way to make a farmhouse pillow!

    1. Thanks Angie! People really love this stencil!

  2. This turned out great I need to try and stencil on fabric and thanks for the stencil link. I've been enjoying all the fun things you've been sharing on Instagram, everything looks awesome!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Thank you Carole! Stenciling on fabric is easier than on anything else! The spray adhesive is the key!

  3. Love it! The perfect farmhouse pillow!!

  4. I have been eyeing that Knick of Time stencil forever ... and this sent me over the edge! Ordered the stencil and picked up some pillow covers at Ikea this weekend. Wahoo!

    1. Now that you will have the stencil you can stencil on trays like I did and anything that strikes your fancy! It's a great stencil!


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