How to Build a Stenciled Tulip Tray with Paint Sticks

I just love tulip trays, they are Springtime gorgeous!

Tulips in a white wooden crate

Recently I found a pile of wood scraps on the side of the road. 

I often find trim scraps sticking out of garbage cans and I can't help myself... 

I pull over every time!

Wood glue, wood and a nail gun

There were some great pieces in this pile, 1"x1" pressure treated pieces as well as a whole pile of extra large paint sticks. 

I try not to buy wood at the lumber store. 

Homeroad is all about repurposing so found wood is what I love to use. 

wooden crate with no paint

And so this project began... I cut the 1"x1" pieces as my corners then attached thin flat pieces as the sides of the crate. 

Wooden crate and nail gun

The bottom was easy, I just cut several extra large paint sticks to size and using wood glue and my awesome Ryobi nail gun, attached the sticks to the bottom of the crate. 

By the way that glue bottle in the photo above is awesome! It keeps the glue from drying out and clogging.

Paint sticks from Home Depot to build a tulip tray

This is a super easy build and free with found wood. 

Wooden crate in workshop

The tulip crate can be stained with added chicken wire like this French Vegetable Crate I made years ago. 

Or like this one that I'm painting with white milk paint. I'm trying Folk Art Milk Paint, it comes in a whole bunch of colors and it works great. 

Painting a wooden crate with white milk paint

I added an Old Sign Stencil grain sack stencil to the sides of the crate all the way around using a dark green chalky paint. 

Stay tuned for Old Sign Stencil's new line of grain sack stencils!

Stenciling a grain sack stripe using Old Sign Stencils on a tulip crate

Grain sack stripes on a DIY tulip tray built with stir sticks

DIY tulip tray using Home Depot large stir sticks and an Old Sign Stencil

This beauty reminds me of Spring as I'm writing this post while a Blizzard is hitting our area. 

I guess I will be sticking with the faux tulips for a while!

I did a post on faux tulips a while back, these look amazing and are my favorite flowers! 

Speaking of tulips, have you seen the gorgeous faux tulips I wrote about recently?! You're going to love them! 

Faux tulips in a DIY tulip tray using found wood and stir sticks

Paint stick Pinterest Pin

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