A Farmhouse Lazy Susan

I get super charge when I find something fun to repurpose 
at the thrift store. 

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan from a thrift store find

Today's project is a wooden Lazy Susan that was a little dirty but just too cute to pass up.

I'm picturing this on a farmhouse table filled with candles and mason jars. 

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A Farmhouse Lazy Susan painted and adorned with a graphic

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan

First things first, it really needed a good scrubbing! I like using Krud Kutter, it's a great cleaner and degreaser. 

Krud Kutter cleans the piece well and gets it ready for paint. 

The bottom of the Lazy Susan was pretty ugly so I started this paint job at the bottom with a nice dark green color that reminded me of felt. 

Krud Kutter cleaner and degreaser to clean up a thrift store find

a wooden lazy susan with a painted green bottom

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint on this project because I love the smooth application, the chalky finish and... I hate to wax.

painting a white lazy susan from the thrift store

I painted the Lazy Susan with a couple coats of Casement which is a beautiful bright white. As you can see from the jar, I use this color a lot and I'm a little messy!

When the paint dried I sanded the edges using 220 grit sandpaper. The edges got a nice chippy, distressed look. 

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan makeover

The next step is the graphic.  I wanted the center of the Lazy Susan to have something in a "farmhouse style" so I went over to The Graphics Fairy for a beautiful printable.

I printed the image in reverse on a laser printer then cut closely around the image. 

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan makeover with a graphics fairy graphic

I used a product for transferring images called Omni Gel which I've used before and love.

There are several ways to use this gel and you can read about the transfer processes on 3 different awesome projects here, and here and here.

transfer method on a thrift store find

For this project I wet the paper again (after letting it dry for several hours) then started to rub until all the paper was off. 

Some of the paper may come off in places you did not intend. These places can be thought of as a "distressed patina" or you can go in with an oil based fine point Sharpie and repair the image. I've done both. 

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan makeover with a graphic

I sanded around the edges of the image when it was finished to help blend in the design with the background paint. 

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan graphic makeover

When I was satisfied with my work I sprayed the top of the Lazy Susan with Triple Thick. Triple Thick is a spray sealer that is thick and shiny, it gives a glass-like finish to the project. Triple Thick can be purchased in a spray or a paint on gel. I love this stuff!

A Farmhouse Lazy Susan with a graphics fairy image

candle and mason jar in a mason jar centerpiece

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